Mortgage points are fees that a buyer has to pay to acquire a mortgage on a home. Each mortgage point is equivalent to a percentage of the total amount of the mortgage. There are two main types of mortgage namely: discount points and the origination point. The discount points work like a prepaid mortgage rate. This implies that paying the discount points will reduce the mortgage rate you are going to be charged in days to come. One discount point is equivalent to one percent of the total mortgage. The more discount points you pay, the lower your mortgage rate will be.

Not all lender charges the origination points. Nevertheless, this might be charged by the bank. This is a fee charged by the lender for performing particular tasks during the mortgage loan application. This includes tasks such as evaluation of the application, processing, and approval of the of the mortgage loan. Paying the discount points is your decision. The main factors you have to consider when deciding if to pay the discount points is the savings you will generate when you pay the points. Determine the value of the discount points. Find out how much points you will have to pay to reduce the interest rate. It is important to determine the number of years that you are planning to stay in that house. If you intend to stay there for a short duration, then it would not be wise to pay for the discount points. Paying for the discount points is only advisable if you intend to stay in that house for a long time.

Another consideration that you have to make before you decide whether to pay the discount points or not is your budget. You can only be able to stay in a house for a long time if your budget allows you. be sure to learn here!

Most of the lenders use the origination points to advertise lower interest rates to potential home buyers. At times, a lender may require the borrower to pay origination points in a mortgage. This is to make it possible for the lender to recover most of their incurred costs as soon as possible rather than having to wait to recover them as part of the interest payments. Be sure to watch this video at for more details about mortgages.

In a very competitive mortgage market at, some lenders have tried to use the rebate points whereby borrowers who want to purchase a home with little or no money can get a rebate percentage of the home's value. In return, they pay a higher interest rate or a prepayment penalty.